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By Popular Request

For the past 25 years our users have provided us with new directions and ideas for improving what we do and how we do it. As Accessible Virginia increased its quantity of information, we have received feedback from our users wanting self-guided tours or itineraries to help them plan activities and trips. These pre-planned excursions will help our users have flexibility for day outings to explore things that are close to home, or weekend trips and for “staycations.”

Not Bothering With The Box

These projects will be the first of their kind on the Web to have dedicated tours with itineraries committed to the unique needs of persons with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities.

For example, the self-guided culinary tour will showcase Virginia specialties such as seafood, ham, pork, peanuts, poultry, apples, Brunswick stew, etc. We will also include restaurants, diners, and drive-ins having a unique Virginia flair, along with our world-class wineries, so persons with disabilities, can sip and savor their way through the Old Dominion.

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And we cannot overlook Virginia’s beautiful beaches, mountains, and rolling hills that provide so many chances for outdoor recreational activities no matter what the season. The itineraries concentrating on outdoor recreation and adaptive sports will detail of a variety of activities such as fragrance gardens, adaptive fishing, golfing, or boating opportunities, plus adapted hiking trails and snow skiing programs. We will include leisure interests for all seasons and for all ability levels.

Project Sample

The nation and Virginia recently commemorated the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War with a variety of events, reenactments of battles and everyday life, as well as hands-on history opportunities. This conflict divided our nation and its impact is still felt today.

We invite you to explore the Accessible Civil War Project. The sample Civil War Tour for Northern Virginia is for one site, Manassas or Bull Run to the Yankees. With more than half of the battles of the Civil War being fought in our state, this project will be THE resource for accessible Civil War history for the state.

boy with civil war reenactor

Look at the amount of detailed access information we have found for the Manassas battlefield plus the accessible activities, multi-media presentations, cell phone and podcast tours as well as smart phone apps. All of these have a disability focus, but they are extra features that persons without disabilities will enjoy as well. If we have this much on one place, just think of how many new accessible opportunities and experience we will find at the other five national battlefields, Civil War Trails, and Civil War attractions and museums.

We Can't Do It Without You

But we won't be able to develop this Accessible Civil War Project, or the Wine and Dine Tour or the Outdoor Recreation project without your support. is a project of the Opening Door, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

We rely on your donations to help us sustain our mission and future projects.

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