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Shenandoah Valley
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Links to Virginia regions and the Civil War sites and attractions.


There have been more books written about the Civil War than any other period of our nation’s history.

This war touched every person, influencing every aspect of society, the economic systems and political institutions more profoundly than any other event in American history. As the nation remembers the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, Accessible Virginia will provide information and day trip itineraries showcasing programs having special access for persons with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities.

The Old Dominion played a pivotal role in this terrible four-year conflict, with over 60 percent of the battles fought on our soil. 

From the first battle of ironclad ships at Hampton Roads in Tidewater to the adventures of Stonewall Jackson in Shenandoah Valley; from the first major battlefield near Manassas in northern Virginia to the fight over salt mines in Appalachia, Virginia's Civil War experience extended to every corner of the state. This bloody war inflicted more damage on our cities and countryside than any other area in the western hemisphere. Although the ravages have been softened by time, the shadows are still evident.

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child with civil war reenactor

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