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CUMBERLAND GAP NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK                      606-248-2817
P. O. Box 1848, Middlesboro, KY 40965                                             91 Bartlett Park Road, Middlesboro, Kentucky 40965.

DIRECTIONS: Can be reached from U. S. Rte 58 in Virginia to its intersection with Highway 25E in Tennessee.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  The first great gateway to the west, Cumberland Gap is a mountain pass that was used by wildlife, Native Indian tribes, and later by settlers moving west.

Daniel Boone was hired to blaze a trail beginning in Southwest Virginia through Cumberland Gap known as the Wilderness Road. It became the route westward for pioneers who travelled west through the mountains into the wilderness of Kentucky. Both the North and the South vied for control of the Cumberland Gap during the Civil war.

Today the park consists of approximately 20,000 acres and 70 miles of hiking trails. There are numerous scenic and historic features in the park and ranger led programs are offered throughout the year including tours of Gap Cave and the historic Hensley Settlement.

PARKING:  3 wheelchair accessible parking spaces at Visitor Center,  1 wheelchair accessible parking space at Sugar Run Picnic Area,
1 wheelchair accessible parking space at  Wilderness Road Picnic Area and 2 wheelchair accessible parking spaces at Pinnacle Overlook.

TYPES OF PATHS:  Concrete or asphalt paths at Visitor Center, Sugar Run, Wilderness Road Picnic Areas and Wilderness Road Campground.

ENTRANCE:  Located at Visitor Center.  Automatic doors.

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  Visitor Center -Wheelchair accessible toilet is 19 inches high with room for lateral transfer.  Sink height is 34 in.  Lever  handles.  Accessible stall checked regularly for obstructions.  Rest rooms are identified by a raised figure with pants or skirt on door to designate men or women.

Wilderness Road Picnic Area-Wheelchair accessible toilet is 19 inches high with room for lateral transfer.  Restrooms have 33 in. door opening out, and handrails.   Sugar Run Picnic Area restrooms have 33 in. doors.  Accessible stall has 32 in. door.  Handrails.  Distance between commode and wall is 14 in. 

Wilderness Road Campground-Wheelchair accessible toilet is 19 inches high with room for lateral transfer.  Restrooms have 34 in. door.   Handrails.  Stall is 6 ft. by 9 ft.  Roll-in shower has 31 in. door.  Pinnacle Overlook restrooms are accessible for wheelchairs.


Link to park map in PDF format.

Link to to Wilderness Road Campground in PDF format.

For guests with hearing disabilities, Daniel Boone and the Westward Movement and The Cumberland Gap films are closed captioned.  Visitors with hearing disabilities should alert guides so they can face them as much as possible during presentations.  Assisted listening devices are available. 

For guests with visual disabilities, there are hands-on exhibits and documents in large print on non-glossy surface.

For guests with mobilty disabilities, The visitor center complex includes a museum, auditorium, sales areas and restrooms. All are accessible, allowing for wheelchair use.

SALES AREA:  Counters 25 in. Clerks assist customers with special needs.  Cumberland Crafts showcase handmade crafts from the region. Eastern National Bookstore carries a number of books, souvenirs, games, postcards, and numerous other items related to the park and its many stories.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Sugar Run Picnic Area has covered picnic shelter.  1/10 mi. asphalt trail is wheelchair accessible.  Pinnacle Overlook has 1/4 mile paved trail to  overlook from which visitors have a spectacular view into Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. 

Wilderness Road Picnic Area has wheelchair accessible picnic tables.  Covered shelters.  Wilderness Road Campground Amphitheater has wheelchair section for 6-7 chairs.  A short, paved trail leads to the campground's amphitheatre, where park rangers present programs on the cultural and natural history of the park. Campfire programs, Daniel Boone folklore and pioneer life.  Wilderness Road Campground has 160 sites, each with paved pull-in, picnic table and grill.  RV hookups are available.  Running water and rest rooms. Surfaces within these sites have been hardened, the height of fire grates has been increased, and picnic tables have been modified

Accepted credit cards:  MC, V and DS.  Historical park hours:  8-6 Summer, 8-5 Labor Day-Memorial Day.  Closed Christmas  Day. Visitor center is open daily 8-5 but closed on Christmas Day.



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