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COMMODORE THEATRE                            757-393-6962
Fax:  757-393-1095                   
421 High Street, Portsmouth, VA  23704      

DESCRIPTION:  This restored 1940s Art-Deco-style first run movie/dinner theater offering dining downstairs and tradional theatre-style seating. A 42-ft. screen, THX sound system, crystal chandeliers, restored murals and overstuffed restaurant seating make this a must see.   Orders placed from tables by phone.

PARKING:  10 wheelchair accessible parking spaces on street.

ENTRANCE:  At front.  Ramps provided.  4 glass entry doors, 36 in. wide, easily open out with clearly marked bar handle located 40 in. above floor.

FACILITIES:   Non-smoking areas.  Assistive Listening System.

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  In lobby.  Doors are 36 in. wide, open out.  No turns to enter.  Accessible stalls have 36 in. wide doors opening out, and handrails.  19 in. toilet seat height.  Accessible stall checked for obstructions regularly.

DINING:  There are 4 tables for guests in wheelchairs, located rear of theatre.  Table height is 30 in.  Aisle width between tables is 60 in.  Balcony accessible by stairs.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: We offer the best in sandwiches, desserts, and pizza, as well as beer, wine, and traditional soft drinks. Our unique ordering system allows you to pick up the phone on your table and place your order directly to our kitchen!

We receive quite a few inquiries about our reservation policy for our dining area. The reason we do not accept phone or internet reservations is that seating assignments are done from a seating chart that is only available in the boxoffice for the same day as the performance and we find that sometimes plans change and reservations that are made more than one day ahead tend not to be used, possibly depriving someone else that table.

There are a few ways to avoid the "sold out" issue in dining: plan on attending an early week night (Monday or Tuesday) as these evenings are usually slower than weekends; also most matinees are not as busy for lunch. Normally, the shows that sell out in the dining area are the Friday and Saturday evening performances; however, due to the popularity of this film, we may sell out other performances as well. If you wish tickets for any show, plan on being in line by at least one hour prior to the scheduled opening times listed below. Please call our information line (757-393-6962) for seating availibility.



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