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RAWLS MUSEUM ARTS                        757-653-0754     
Fax:  757-653-0341                                                     
22376 Linden Street, Courtland, VA  23837                    
Directions:  From Franklin - take Business 58 into Courtland, veer right on Linden at fork in the road.  Take left into parking lot in approximately 1/2 mile.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Rawls Museum Arts, an affiliate of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Offers Art and music exhibitions, workshops, lectures and classes. 

PARKING:  2 designated accessible parking spaces, located in front of museum.  Accessible parking space 8 ft. wide.  Accessible aisle 8 ft. wide.

TYPES OF PATHS TO OR AROUND ATTRACTION:  Smooth concrete, accessible to persons with mobility disabilities.  Steep grades may require assistance for persons in wheelchairs.   24 ft. ramp.

ENTRANCE:  In front of building.  6 exterior steps, each 6 in. high.  Handrails on left/right.  Ramps provided.  2 entry doors, 27 in. wide, easily open out with european-type handle located 39 in. above floor.

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  Located at end of display area.  Available without steps.  Doors 33 in. wide, open in.  No turns to enter.  Wheelchair accessible stalls have 34 in. wide doors opening out, and handrails.  19 in. toilet seat height, 33 in. between commode and wall.  Sink height 34 in.  Accessible stall checked regularly for obstructions.  Rest rooms identified by raised figures with pants or skirt on the door to designate men or women.

For guests with visual disabilities, there are signs with contrasting background, printed on a non-glossy surface.  Occasional special events have hands on features.

For guests with mobility disabilities, everything is on one floor.

GIFT SHOP:  Door 32 in. wide.  Counters 38 in. high.  Displays require some backing up of wheelchairs.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Accept credit cards in gift shop.  Open Tu-Fri 10-4.  Seasonally Sat 12-4, other times by appointment.


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