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Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Patrick County offers activities for the whole family. You'ill find an unhurried way of life rich in the tradition and the friendliness of mountain communities.

photo of fairy stone

Photo by Virginia State Parks Staff

Searach for for lucky fairystones, which are said to be "tears of angels" at Fairy Stone Park. The stones are Staurolite and have a natural cross shape. They are found only in rocks that have been subject to great heat and pressure such as was found millions of years ago in the geological history of the formation of the Allegheny Mountains.  While various formations of fairy stones may be found around the world, nowhere are they more perfectly cross-shaped or abundant that in the area in and around Fairy Stone State Park. The park is also known for its 168-acre lake adjoining Philpott Reservoir and its sandy beach.



Fairy Stone State Park

Mabry Mill

Reynolds Homestead

Reynolds Homestead Education Center



Mabry Mill Restaurant


Accessible Fishing

Goose Point Park

Fairy Stone State Park








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