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HUNGRY MOTHER STATE PARK                 276-781-7400
2854 Park Blvd, Marion, VA  24354

DIRECTIONS: I-81, Exit 47.  Approximately one mile on Rte 11 toward Marion.  Right on Rte 16 north and four miles to park. 

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Long a family favorite and known for its beautiful woodlands and placid 108-acre lake in the heart of the mountains, Hungry Mother has a sandy beach with bathhouse, boats and boat launch, universally accessible fishing pier, campgrounds, cabins, a fantastic restaurant, a gift shop, a visitor center, a five-bedroom lodge that sleeps 16, and hiking and biking trails.

The Legend of Hungry Mother Legend has it that when the Native Americans destroyed several settlements on the New River south of the park, Molly Marley and her small child were among the survivors taken to the raiders’ base north of the park. They eventually escaped, wandering through the wilderness eating berries. Molly finally collapsed, and her child wandered down a creek until the child found help. The only words the child could utter were "Hungry Mother." The search party arrived at the foot of the mountain where Molly collapsed to find the child's mother dead. Today that mountain is Molly’s Knob, and the stream is Hungry Mother Creek.

PARKING:  19 wheelchair accessible parking spaces.

TYPES OF PATHS:  All walkways along with parking areas from the beach to lot 6 are paved. Within this area are: three picnic shelters, "The Restaurant," picnic area with charcoal grills and tables, beach, playground equipment, fishing pier and the amphitheater.

Some asphalt and gravel paths have steep grades requiring assistance for persons in wheelchairs.

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  Located Lot #3, near restaurant, and bath houses.  Doors 36 in. wide, open out.  Accessible stalls have 36 in. wide doors opening out, and handrails.  19 in. toilet seat height.

For guests with hearing disabilities, there are signing interpreters available with advance notice. 

For guests with visual disabilities, there are signs with contrasting background, printed on a non-glossy surface.

For guests with mobility disabilities, the  Amphitheater is universally accessible by paved trail across wooden bridge and smooth mulched surface on Amphitheater Island. 

There is a universally accessible trail from beach area to parking lot six, approximately ¾-mile in length.

The restaurant is fully accessible with elevator to second floor and restrooms available on both levels.

GIFT SHOP:  At park restaurant.  Clerks assist customers with special needs.  Aisles clear of temporary displays. Molly's Gift Shop, open on the same days, is next to "The Restaurant" and offers various crafts, books, gifts and novelty items.

PICNIC AREAS:  In wooded areas throughout park.  Asphalt trail to covered shelters. All three shelters have adjacent, universally accessible parking. Shelters 1 and 2 are universally accessible; shelter 3 is not because there's a small step going down into it. The shelters' fireplaces are not accessible.

Shelter 1 is a favorite because it's closest to the beach, playground, boat rentals, restaurant and universally accessible restrooms. It overlooks the lake and accommodates 75. Amenities include electrical outlets, a fireplace at each end, a large Texas-sized charcoal grill and 12 picnic tables. Around the shelter are tables not for rent; they're taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Shelter 2 is secluded and accommodates 75. There are tables located around the shelter that are not reserved and are take on a first-come, first-served basis. This shelter, near parking lot 5, is tucked in the woods just past the restaurant and near the boat rental area and the amphitheater.

BEACH AREA: Universally accessible walkway with sidewalk around beach area. Currently there is no method for getting individuals using wheelchairs from the walkway into the water. Bathhouse/changing area is universally accessible with restroom facilities.

FISHING AND BOATING: The fishing pier is universally accessible pier next to beach area and adjacent to parking lot one. The dock at boat ramp is universally accessible, but loading into boats is up to the individual.

LODGING: The Hungry Mother Lodge has an accessible bathroom and master bedroom, with ramp for entrance.

Cabins 17, 19 and 20 are universally accessible inside, offer wide doors and rest on level ground or have ramps at their main entrance.

Cabins 14, 15, and 16 have a five-inch step outside and are accessible inside and have universally accessible bathrooms. These cabins are 2-bedroom cinderblock sleepsing six with two sets of bunk beds and one double bed.

Hemlock Haven's Chestnut cabin is the universally accessible cabin sleeps eight people in four bedrooms. Each bedroom has two single beds. It has a sitting room with wet bar, a microwave oven and a refrigerator. Central heating-AC. There are two common bathrooms with universally accessible facilities. No fireplace. Gas grill.

Call 1-800-933-7275 for reservations.

CAMPGROUNDS: Campgrounds B and Camp Burson have universally accessible bathhouses. Campground B and Camp Burson bathhouses have universally accessible parking. Camp Burson has numerous easily accessed paved sites that are near the bathhouse.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Open 8 am - 10 pm. Park fees:

Although motorized vehicles are not permitted on park trails, electric powered wheelchairs and electric scooters that meet the federal definition for wheelchairs are allowed to enable people with disabilities to use the trails.


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