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McGuireWoods LLP

 With more than 1,100 lawyers in 23 offices worldwide, McGuireWoods LLP is a leading international law firm with Virginia roots dating back more than 180 years. Together with our subsidiary McGuireWoods Consulting, we are committed to helping Virginians break barriers and uncover opportunities. 

Serving Justice, Serving People

As a law firm, our lawyers have chosen careers in the law for a reason — they are passionate about making sure justice is served. As part of our commitment to client and community service, McGuireWoods’ lawyers are involved in significant pro bono work, including death penalty cases, child support enforcement prosecutions, housing law cases, battered spouse representations, wills and powers of attorney, court-appointed criminal defense, and general counseling for nonprofit groups.

McGuireWoods Consulting has extensive relationships with governors, legislators, and state and federal agencies. Through those contacts, MWC has provided assistance to numerous charitable and relief efforts, including emergency response to recent natural disasters. In addition, MWC has worked with McGuireWoods’ Women’s Lawyers Network and the Richmond Justice Initiative to successfully pass legislation giving law enforcement more tools to prosecute human traffickers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Veterans Among Us

We are grateful for the numerous veterans who have chosen to bring their talent and experience to our firm. Our pro bono legal services extend to veterans, and we participate in other efforts to support veterans when they come home. We also work with Virginia-based nonprofits that offer programs for military veterans and their families.

 The Triage Project

McGuireWoods partnered with the Greater Richmond Bar Foundation to develop and launch the Triage Project, a first-of-its-kind pro bono initiative that substantially expands legal aid in Virginia and serves as a model nationwide. The plan makes Richmond the first U.S. city to outsource legal aid matters in 12 practices to private-practice lawyers, thereby allowing legal aid groups to focus their scarce resources on three core areas — public benefits, family law and poverty law.


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