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REFUGE WATERFOWL MUSEUM                             757-336-5800
7059 Maddox Boulevard, Chincoteague Island, VA  23336

DIRECTIONS: Take Rte 175 E from Rte 13 in Oak Hall.  Turn left on Main Street - Turn right on Maddox, go halfway around traffic circle, 1/4 mile on left.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Our unique museum has over 7000 sq. ft. of interior space combined with outdoor exhibits.  Displays and special features include weapons, boats, traps, antique decoys, art and carvings by outstanding craftsmen in this field.

TYPES OF PATHS TO OR AROUND ATTRACTION:  Shell and cement stone.  Paths accessible to persons with mobility disabilities.  Length of paths 20 ft.

ENTRANCE:  Located in front.  3 exterior steps, each 8 in. high.  Ramps provided.  Glass entry door, 32 in. wide, opens out with clearly marked grip handle located 36 in. above floor. 

Doors 34 in. wide, open out.  Turns to enter.  19 in. toilet seat height, 7 in. between commode and wall.  Sink height 27 in.  Unisex and/or companion assisted rest room available at the public rest room.

GIFT SHOP:  Aisles 32 in. wide.  Counters 30 in. high.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  75% of museum has 28 in. wide or wider aisles.

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