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P. O. Box 62, Chincoteague, VA  23336                                                  

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Located in the Virginia portion of Assateague Island along the Atlantic Flyway, Chincoteague Refuge hosts over 300 species of birds.  

PARKING:  2 wheelchair accessible parking spaces.

TYPES OF PATHS:  Paved Trails - 3.2 mile Wildlife Loop, 1.6 mile Woodland Trail, 1.25 mile Swans Cove Trail (loose gravel may be encountered in storm damaged sections), and 1 mile Black Duck Trail. 

ENTRANCE TO VISITOR CENTER:  Ramps lead to the deck and Chincoteague Refuge Visitor Center entrance.  Entries are 35 in. wide with easy open doors equipped with 3 in. knobs located 36 in. above the floor.  

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  Wooden ramps and deck connect the Chincoteague Refuge Visitor Center to the rest rooms located on the right.  Entrance doors are 35 in. wide and open in.  Knobs turn to open.  Accessible stalls have 31 in. wide doors which open out, along with handrails and 11 in. between wall and commode.  Sinks have a 26 in. underneath clearance.  Accessible stall checked regularly for obstructions.  An accessible drinking fountain is located near the rest rooms, except in winter months.

PUBLIC TELEPHONE:  Wheelchair accessible phone.

For guests with hearing disabilities, there are 2 closed captioned videos.  
For guests with mobility disabilities, accessible trails allow opportunities for wildlife observation, photography, interpretation, and environmental education.  Wildlife Loop travels the dike that surrounds Snow Goose Pool.  While wheelchair users may use Wildlife Loop during Refuge hours, be advised that vehicles are permitted on the trail from 3 PM til dusk.  Swans Cove Trail connects Wildlife Loop to Beach Parking Lot # 1 and Black Duck Trail connects to the Woodland Trail.  A short half mile packed sand/stone trail connects the Chincoteague Refuge Visitor Center to the Refuge Auditorium and Headquarters.  Trails do not have steep grades which would require assistance for persons in wheelchairs.  Big Game hunting in a wheelchair accessible zone is available during the firearms hunt season.  Five hunters are allowed in the area per week.  Contact the refuge for details.

PICNIC AREAS:  The National Park Service provides picnic tables adjacent to the Beach Parking Lots.  Tables with attached benches have extended tops for wheelchair accessibility and are 36 in. high.  A wheelchair ramp and large tired beach chair are available from the Lifeguards or Toms Cove Visitor Center Staff.  The Toms Cove Visitor Center is located near the beach along Beach Road.

GIFT SHOP:  Staff assist visitors with special needs.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  A fee is charged to enter the Refuge.  A free Golden Access Passport, for permanently disabled United States citizens, may be obtained at the Chincoteague Refuge Visitor Center.  Refuge Hours:  Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is open year round.  Hours vary.  Accessible interpretive hubs along refuge trails have been installed.

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