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U.S. 13, 32386 Lankford Hwy., Cape Charles, VA  23310  

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  17.6 mile bridge-tunnel over mouth of Chesapeake Bay.  North end island refuge for migrating water fowl.  Scenic views from bridge, and Sea Gull Pier, of the Bay and sea going vessels.

PARKING:  3 designated accessible parking spaces.  Located west parking lot 25 ft. from entrance.  Parking space 13 ft. wide.  Accessible aisle 1 ft. wide. 

4 to 5 ft. wide paved with barrier for safety - 2 sides.  Paths  accessible to persons with mobility disabilities.  Length of paths 250 ft.

ENTRANCE:  Located 100 ft. from entrance with double doors.  2 glass entry doors, 36 in. wide, easily open out with clearly marked grip handle located 38 in. above floor. 

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  Located in 50 ft corridor, 43 in. wide, adjacent to dining area.  Doors 33 in. wide, open in.  Turns to enter.  Accessible stalls have doors opening out, and handrails.  19 in. toilet seat height, 36 in. between commode and wall.  Sink height 28 in.  Accessible stall checked regularly for obstructions.  Unisex or companion assisted rest rooms available.

For guests with visual disabilities, there are signs in large print, with contrasting background, printed on a non-glossy surface. 

FOOD AND BEVERAGE FACILITIES:  Located inside 3 ft. door, 25 ft from parking.  25 tables for guests in wheelchairs located throughout service area.    Tables overlooking Chesapeake Bay.  Table height 30 in.  Aisles between tables 42 in. wide.  Menus printed in contrasting colors.

GIFT SHOP:  Aisles 34 in. wide.  Counter height varies.  Aisles clear of temporary displays.  T-shirts, Virginia items, and collectables.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Accepted credit cards: V,  MC, DS.  No admission fee.  Hrs:  Summer -6AM-10PM; Winter -7AM-6PM.  Outside toilets:  75 ft. from 3rd handicaped parking space - low seat, no rails, since not accessible-locked in day time - open at 10PM. On level, 42 in. wide access.  Emergency pull offs on north and south bound spans.  Rest stop at north toll gate going north has accessible facilities.

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