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Civil War 2.0: Resources 4 Further Study


Links to Virginia regions and the Civil War sites and attractions.

Links to Civil War Resources.

If you are craving more information about the Civil War, here are some on-line resources to satisfy your appetite for bullets, battlefields and what was happening on the home front.

The Civil War, A Week At A Time

The Civil War, A Week At A Time, done by Longwood College is a Web site having detailed information only in a spoken format, but by clicking on the topic link you can download the audio in a podcast or a written transcript, an excellent example of universal accessibility. The site has fascinating nuggets of information with the archives beginning with October 1860 discussing John Brown’s raid, the immediate and background causes of the war, the secession of the southern states, and more. Each week showcases an event that happened that week.  You may as well bookmark this site as you will be returning frequently to see what interesting tidbits have been posted.

You will be taken to the download page away from Accessible Virginia.  Then use your browser back button to return to this page.

External link to The Civil War, One Week At A Time

national park service civil war logoThe National Park Service has nine free e-books about the Civil War available on-line. They include books about specific battles as well as life on the homefront and African-American soldiers.


Link to National Park Service free e-books.

Below are links to resources so you can learn more about the role of women in the Civil War, what was life like for those left behind at home, the hardships the soldiers faced, or the complex roles and situations of African Americans in the North and South.

Civil War Topics


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