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401 Taylor Street, Lynchburg, VA  24501                                  

DIRECTIONS: 29 South - Main Street exit 1A, left on 5th street, right on Taylor Street.  From 29 North (from Danville) to Main Street exit 1A, left on 5th Street, right on Taylor Street.

GENERAL DESCRIPTIONINFORMATION CENTER - Restored house with wooden floor.  Two small rooms, however furniture can be rearranged to accommodate wheelchair and walkers, but not scooters.
PEST HOUSE MEDICAL MUSEUM - Small restored building with 2 rooms.  Must be accompanied by staff to enter.  Main view from windows outside.  Push button control for auditory explanation of exhibit.  HEARSE HOUSE-Turn of the century hearse and caretaking tools and equipment viewed through window.  Audio narrative.  STATION HOUSE-Reconstructed 1898 C & O train station, can be viewed through low windows, or interior is accessible by ramp.

PARKING:  Parking on road.

TYPES OF PATHS TO OR AROUND ATTRACTION:  Gravel.  Grass with uneven terrain, assistance can be supplied by staff.

ENTRANCE:  INFORMATION CENTER- Ramp located directly off gravel drive.  1 exterior steps, 3 in. high.  Entry doors, 33 in. wide, easily open out.

PEST HOUSE MEDICAL MUSEUM - Two exterior steps, each 7 in. high.  5 glass entry doors, easily  opening out with handles clearly marked in contrasting color.

HEARSE HOUSE AND CARETAKER MUSEUM - Brick walkway from road.  Path easily accessible for persons with mobility disabilities.  Sidewalk in front of building 72 in. wide.

PEST HOUSE MEDICAL MUSEUM - 2 rooms, door 32 in. between rooms. Room number 2 Doctors Office.  Side entrance 5 in. step.  4 in. curb from cemetery.

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  Located guest information center.  Available without steps.  No turns to enter.  Wheelchair accessible stalls have 35 in. wide doors opening out, and handrails.  19 in. toilet seat height, 32 in. between commode and wall.  Sink height 31 in.  Wrapped pipes.  Accessible stall checked regularly for obstructions.  Unisex or companion assisted rest rooms available.  Rest rooms identified by raised figures with pants or skirt on the door to designate men or women.

For guests with visual disabilities  there are signs in large print, with contrasting background, printed on a non-glossy surface.

For guests with mobility disabilities:   Furniture can be moved to accommodate wheelchair or walker, not scooter. 

GIFT SHOP:  Counters 35 in. high.  Small display area with book shelf.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  No admission fee.  Civil War Period (19th Century) mourning customs and artifacts and cemetery history.  Grounds more accessible for walkers than wheelchair or scooter.  Open daily 11-3.  Winter hours vary. 

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