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DAURA GALLERY                               434-544-8343
Fax:  434-544-8277                 
Lynchburg College, 1501 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg, VA  24501-3199

DIRECTIONS: 221 North toward Lynchburg.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Gallery established in 1974 and dedicated in 1990  in memory of Pierre and Louise Blair Daura. The collection includes works by Virginia folk artist Queena Dillard Stovall, works by Lynchburg artist Georgia Morgan, African art, photographs by Andy Warhol, and works on paper by American and European artists along with many works by Pierre Daura, Louise Blair Daura, and Jean Hélion.

PARKING:  1 designated accessible parking space, located to the left of the lobby entrance.  Parking space 12 ft. wide.  Accessible aisle 8 ft. wide. 

TYPES OF PATHS TO OR AROUND ATTRACTION:  Concrete walkways with brick dividers.  Paths accessible to persons with mobility disabilities.  Steep grades may require assistance for persons in wheelchairs.  Length of paths 50-100 ft.

ENTRANCE:  Located 125 ft from parking area.  2 glass entry doors, 36 in. wide, easily open out with clearly marked metal grip handle located 38 in. above floor.

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  Located to the right of main entrance - through open set of doors, then right.  Doors 34 in. wide, open in.  No turns to enter.  Single toilet, no stalls.  19  in. toilet seat height, 10 in. between commode and wall.  Sink height 34 in.  Wrapped pipes.  Unisex and/or companion assisted rest room available at the public rest room.

ELEVATOR:  Located right of front entrance.  Serves all levels.  Door width 33 in.  Control buttons 37 in. high.  Buttons in braille and raised.  Door stays open 10 seconds.  Audible floor change signal.  Interior of car is  66   in. by  48  in.

For guests with visual disabilities, there are selected hands-on exhibits, signs in large print with contrasting background, printed on a non-glossy surface.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: No admission fee. Hours: Mon – Fri, 9 – 4 while the college is open. Summer hours: Mon – Fri 10 – 3, or by appointment. Closed on holidays and during college breaks,


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