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154 Winery Lane, Leon, VA  22725

DIRECTIONS: Located on Rte 29 South, between Madison and Culpeper.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Working winery with self-guided tours of processing plant, museum and gift shop. 

PARKING:  1 wheelchair accessible parking space.

TYPES OF PATHS:  Tile, linoleum and cement, with no steep grades.  Paths are 150 ft. long.

ENTRANCE:  Into museum.  Ramps provided.  Entry doors, 33 in. wide, easily open out with “D” vertical handle located 40 in. above floor.  

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  Off museum.  Doors are 33 in. wide,  open in.  No turns to enter.  Handrails. 19 in. toilet seat height.  Sink height 32 in.  Pipes wrapped.  Bathroom checked for obstructions.

For guests with hearing disabilities,there are written scripts.  

For guests with visual disabilities, there are hands-on exhibits such as  historical wine making tools and equipment in museum.  All signs printed in large print, on a non-glossy surface, with a sharp contrast to background color.  

GIFT SHOP:  Aisles vary in width.  Counters vary in height.  Clerks  assist customers with special needs.  Aisles clear of temporary displays.  Wine tasting available.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Admission free.  Museum and gift shop open daily 10-5, gift shop takes all credit cards.  Group tours.


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