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Phone: 540-721-2094             Fax:  540-721-5128
12130 Booker T. Washington Highway, Hardy, VA  24101

DIRECTIONS: I-81 to I-581, U. S. 220 south from Roanoke to VA Rte 122.  From Blue Ridge Parkway, VA Rte 43 south to VA Rte 122.   

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Commemorates the life and accomplishments of Booker T. Washington.  

PARKING:  2 wheelchair accessible parking spaces.

TYPES OF PATHS:  Asphalt to Visitor Center.  A portion of the gravel trail meets accessibility standard for grade.  The rest of the trails are not accessible. 

ENTRANCE:  Located middle of park.  Entry doors, 36 in. wide, open in    with pull handle located 40 in. above floor. 

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  In visitor center.  Doors 30 in. wide,  open in.  Turns to enter.  Accessible stalls have 36 in. doors opening in, handrails.  Wheelchair accessible toilet is 19 inches high with room for a lateral transfer.  Sink height 41 in.  Accessible stall checked for obstructions.

For guests with hearing disabilities, there are written scripts.  

GIFT SHOP:  Counters 36 in. high.  Clerks assist customers with special needs.  Aisles clear of temporary displays.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Hours are 9-5 daily, year-round. Closed Jan 1, Thanksgiving Day and Dec 25.


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