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US ARMY QUARTERMASTER MUSEUM           804-734-4203
1201 22nd Street, Fort Lee, VA  23801     

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Follows history of Quartermaster Corps from 1775 to the present.

PARKING:  4 wheelchair accessible parking spaces.

TYPES OF PATHS:  Concrete sidewalks.  Tile and some carpeting inside.

ENTRANCE:  Front of building.  3 exterior steps, each 7 in. in height and marked with tactile strip/color change.  Handrails on left and rt.  Ramps provided.  Doors easily opened but heavy.  Entry doors, 36 in. wide, open out with vertical pull bar handle located 34 in. above floor to enter, horizontal push bar 44 in. above floor.     

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  Main entrance.  Doors 36 in. wide,  open out.  Turns to enter.  Accessible stalls have 31 in. wide doors opening out, handrails.  20 in. between commode and wall.  Sink height is 25, 26 and 27 in.  Rest rooms are identified by a raised figure with pants or skirt on door to designate men or women. 

SPECIAL SERVICES: For guests with visual disabilities, there are documents in large print on non-glossy surface.

GIFT SHOP:  Aisles 27 in. wide.  Counters 38 in. high.  Clerks assist customers with special needs.  Aisles clear of temporary displays.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Free admission.  Donations accepted.  Hours:  10-5 Tu-Fri, 11-5 Sat-Sun, Closed Mon.  Gift shop open 11-5 Tu-Fri, 11:30-4:30 Sat-Sun, Closed Mon.


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