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University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA  22903          

DIRECTIONS: From I-64 take 29N - turn right on 250 Bus ((Ivy Rd).  Ivy Rd turns into University Ave - which is the road The Rotunda is on.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  The Rotunda at UVA was designed by Thomas Jefferson and completed in 1826.  The focal point of the academic village originally served as the University’s library.

PARKING:  5 designated accessible parking spaces on McCormick Road (West of The Rotunda).  Parking space 6 ft. wide.  Curb cut out.

TYPES OF PATHS TO OR AROUND ATTRACTION:  Brick paths  accessible to persons with mobility disabilities.  Paths to and all around The Rotunda and the lawn area.  The brick path from the accessible parking spaces to the entrance of The Rotunda is 476 ft.

ENTRANCE:  Located lower level of The Rotunda, lawn side, in the center of the passageway.  Ramps provided.  Automatic doors.   Steps inside lobby, located to the right and left of steps.  Each step 6 in. high.

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  Located lower level of The Rotunda outside.   Doors 33 in. wide, open in.  Turns to enter.  Accessible stalls have 30 in. wide doors opening out, and handrails.  19 in. toilet seat height, 15 in. between commode and wall.  Sink height 29 in.  Accessible stall checked regularly for obstructions.

ELEVATOR:  Located outside in the passageway in the lower level of The Rotunda.  Serves all levels.  Door width 29 in.  Control buttons 34 in. high.  Buttons in braille, recessed, raised.  Door stays open until button is pushed.  Persons with mobility disabilities may need assistance.

Special map for guests with disabilities.

For guests with hearing disabilities, signing interpreters are available with advance notice.

For guests with visual disabilities, large print and braille brochures available. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Hrs:  9-4:45.  No admission fee.   Guided tours year round daily:  10AM, 11AM, 2, 3 and 4:00PM.  A wheelchair is available for guests with mobility disabilities.


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