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HOLLIDAY LAKE STATE PARK                   434-248-6308                                                               
2759 State Park Rd, Appomattox, VA  24522

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  Man made lake offering swimming, boat rental, fishing, miles of lakefront hiking trails and shaded campsites. 

PARKING:  At concession building.  1 designated accessible parking space.  Parking space 10 ft. wide.  Accessible aisle 5 ft. wide.  Nearby ramps are well marked.

TYPES OF PATHS TO OR AROUND PARK/ATTRACTION:  Dirt  paths are not accessible to guests in wheelchairs.  Trails are 1/2 to 5 miles long.

ENTRANCE TO VISITOR CENTER:  Located picnic/day use area.  11 exterior steps, each 8 in. high, marked with tactile strip/color change.  Handrails on left/right.  Ramps provided.  1 entry door, 36 in. wide,  easily opens in with knob handle located 38 in. above floor.

PUBLIC REST ROOMS:  At picnic area.  Available without steps.    Doors are 36 in. wide, open in.  Turns to enter.  19  in. toilet seat height.  14 in. between commode and wall.  Sink height 36 in.  Wrapped pipes. 

For guests with visual disabilities, there are signs in large print, with contrasting background, printed on a non-glossy surface. 

For guests with mobility disabilities, although motorized vehicles are not permitted on park trails, electric wheelchairs and electric scooters that meet the federal definition for wheelchairs are allowed to enable people with disabilities to use the trails.

PICNIC AREAS:  Located day use picnic area.  4 tables for guests in wheelchairs, tables 32 in. high.  Tables located throughout area.  Paths to and within the picnic areas are grass.  Covered shelters.

Restroom has elevated toilet, but the stall area does not meet wheelchair access size. Doors are not automatic and difficult to open from within. There are paved sidewalks to the building. Several wheelchair height picnic tables are scattered throughout the area, and the ground is fairly even in most places. There's a ramp for wheelchair access into shelter 2.

CAMPGROUND PARKING:  Each campsite has a parking space. 


DESCRIPTION OF ACTUAL CAMP SITE:  Camping spaces have electrical hook-up, water.  Personnel are available to assist with hook-up.  Pull thru sites are available.

ACCESS INFORMATION: No designated universally accessible sites, but the park can, on request, arrange to place those with disabilities near the restrooms. Roadways are paved and sidewalks to restroom are paved. Restroom: Accessible toilet and shower in each. Doors to building are not automatic, and space inside is tight but manageable by wheelchair.

CONCESSION PARKING: Universally accessible parking is available by building and paved sidewalks for access. Paved walkways lead to the fishing pier, beach, accessible playgrounds and food service window.

ENTRANCE:  At the boathouse.  2 - 36 in. wide doors easily open in with handle located 38 in. above floor.  2 steps inside lobby, located at back door.  Each step is 8 in. high and marked with tactile strip/color change.  Counters 36 in. high.

REST ROOMS: Concession restrooms are large and open. The toilet is elevated, but space within the stall is inadequate for turning. There's a universally accessible shower with seat in each restroom.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Concessions include snack bar and beach swimming. The snack bar is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends and holidays and stops serving hot food at 6 p.m. On weekdays, it's open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and stops serving hot food at 5 p.m. It may be closed on weekdays after Memorial Day to early June and from mid-August to Labor Day weekend. Call the park for more detail.

BATH HOUSE/REST ROOMS:  Located at campground center.  Available without steps.  Doors are 36 in. wide, and open in.  Turns must be made to enter.  Accessible stalls have 32 in. wide doors opening in and handrails.  36 in. between commode and wall.  Sink height is 33 in.  Pipes are wrapped.  Accessible stall checked regularly for obstructions.  Roll-in shower available.

For guests with visual disabilities:  Signs with contrasting background color, printed on a non-glossy surface.  

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Accepted credit cards: V and MC.  Fees:

Park hours:  Year round 8 AM to dusk.  Seasonal operations from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.  Campground reservations and general information number is 1-800-933-Park (7275.)

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