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Washington Dulles International Airport

P.O. Box 17045 Washington, DC 20001
West of Rte. 28 and Dulles Airport Access Highway/Dulles Toll Rd. Intersection.                                                      

PARKING: Wheelchair accessible parking spaces at least 96-in. wide. Wheelchair accessible parking spaces at least 96-in. wide with 96-in. aisles between spaces. Link to disabled parking access information.Link to parking locations.

ENTRANCE:  Upper and lower level entrances to main terminal. Curb cuts marked with tactile strip/color change. Ramps provided. Automatic doors, 36-in. wide, open in.

FACILITIES: Signage is printed in contrasting colors, and Braille. Lowered drinking fountains.

PUBLIC REST ROOMS: Located throughout all levels of the main terminal and midfield terminal facilities. No steps. Doors are 36-in. wide. Turns to enter. Accessible stalls have 36-in. wide doors opening out, handrails. 19-in. toilet seat height, and a 12-14-in. between commode and wall. Sink height 33-in. Accessible stall checked for obstructions.

Airport has companion toilets on all concourses. Link to animal relief areas. The airport now has indoor dog relief areas in post-security areas at A and B-Gates between the concession area and Gate A-31 and at C and D-Gates across from Gate D-1.

ELEVATOR:  Throughout main terminal and midfield terminal facilities. Elevator is wheelchair accessible with sound indicator.

PHONES:  Wheelchair accessible public phones, amplified public phone and TTY available at public phones.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE:  Tables 30-in. height, with 40-45-in. aisles between tables. Menus are printed on non-glossy paper. Link to dining directory.

GIFT SHOP:  Aisles 30-48-in wide, counters 38-in. high. Clerks assist customers with special needs. Aisles clear of temporary displays.  Link to shopping directory.

PROCEDURES:  Each airline has procedures for tickets, luggage, boarding and exiting and wheelchairs available for persons with mobility disabilities. Skycaps are available for assistance. Wheelchair lifts for commuter aircraft and at stairways to hold rooms. Link to services for persons with disabilties.

For persons with mobility disabilities: security checkpoints have special procedures for travelers in wheelchairs, and skycaps have access to areas restricted to general public for wheelchairs.

For person with visual disabilities: loud speakers warn travelers of special security procedures, and skycaps can provide assistance.
Link to the TSA for latest security regulation updates.

Download a TSA notification card to assist the Transportation Security Officers during the screening process to discreetly provide information about your medical condition, device or disability. No one is exempt from screening. 

Travelers may call TSA Cares toll free at 1-855-787-2227 prior to traveling with questions about screening policies, procedures and what to expect at the security checkpoint.

norfolk airport: the world is boardiing

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Airport has non-smoking areas available.  Luggage handling is also available. Free Wi-Fi info link. Terminal map and parking in PDF format. Link to detailed maps of terminal, gates, shopping and dining. Link to passenger services.

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